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Interview: Tyrone “T-Money” Kelsie

Interview: Yvonne Forbes & Delvon Johnson
November 1, 2018
Fight for Your Greatness
November 7, 2018

Tyrone “T-Money” Kelsie made his mark on the hip hop scene first as T Money — one of the leading pioneers in rap music — with the group Original Concept.

After the release of the album, Original Concept began touring internationally with Queen Latifah (on her very first tour) and DJ Mark 45 King among others. T Money’s success with the group led him to find fame hosting Yo! MTV Raps alongside Doctor DrĂ© and Ed Lover. T began reading the show’s fan mail as a character known as The Mailman, which became so popular that it spawned a slew of other characters, such as Uncle Bobo Lovetree, The Nubianator, Clarence Coldwater Capsule, and Michael Jackson at 40.

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