Living While Black – Conversations with Malik

Living While Black

Interview with Melissa Harville-Lebron
January 18, 2019
Interview with Mr. Wave
January 24, 2019

In 2018, there was a rise in White Americans calling the police on African-Americans for things as simple as swimming in a pool, opening their own lemonade stand, to waiting in Starbucks for your lawyer to close a real estate deal. 

Here is the list that were highly profiled:

  • Operating a lemonade store
  • Golfing too slowly
  • Waiting for a friend at Starbucks
  • Barbecuing at a park
  • Working out at a gym
  • Campaigning door to door
  • Moving into an apartment
  • Mowing the wrong lawn
  • Shopping for prom clothes
  • Napping in a university common room
  • Asking for directions
  • Not waving while leaving an Airbnb
  • Redeeming a coupon
  • Selling bottled water on a sidewalk
  • Eating lunch on a college campus
  • Riding in a car with a white grandmother
  • Babysitting two white children
  • Wearing a backpack that brushed against a woman
  • Working as a home inspector
  • Working as a firefighter
  • Helping a homeless man
  • Delivering newspapers
  • Swimming in a pool
  • Shopping while pregnant
  • Driving with leaves on a car
  • Trying to cash a paycheck

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