Interviews w/ Dyshawn “Chopper” Johnson & His Mother Ms. Beverly – Conversations with Malik

Interviews w/ Dyshawn “Chopper” Johnson & His Mother Ms. Beverly

Corey Pegues, Author of “Once a Cop”
July 27, 2018
Interview w/ Ms. Beverly, Mother of Dyshawn “Chopper” Johnson
August 3, 2018

Malik has an exclusive interview with Dyshawn “Chopper” Johnson from Federal Prison in California. He’s serving 3 life sentences and talks one on one with Malik about his life, his mistakes, and how he’s coping with life. Then to follow up he has an interview with Ms. Beverly, mother of Dyshawn “Chopper” Johnson who is serving 3 life sentences in prison. She gives us an in-depth view of Dyshawns life growing up in Cali and his subsequent move to Kansas City which led to his demise. As only a strong black woman can do, Beverly shows how devoted a mom can be going through the ups and downs of a tough trial. Trying to get justice in a racist city in Kansas. She’s an example of inspiration and perseverance.

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