About Malik Turnage – Conversations with Malik

Who is Malik?

Some call him a spiritual giant. Others refer to him as “Deep Malik”. His peers view him as an electric businessman full of ideas and inspiration. The youth often say he’s a role model for them with quotes like “Mr. Malik I wanna be like you when I grow up”. The elders say he’s already one of the “under the radar pillars” in the black community of southeast queens. Malik has provided jobs an opportunities for over 24 years now. He gives back to local organizations because of his challenged past he is sensitive to the needs of others.

But let’s tell our readers about how he got there.

His very conception was turbulent.

There was a lady and her faith that has allowed for this wonderful story to be told. Teretha Turnage mother to 4 girls and no boys always wanted a son. She lost 4 straight sons before Malik all due to complications with the pregnancy. A woman in her church had a dream that Sis Turnage was gonna have a baby boy, and this child would live and not die like the previous 4, but-her faith would be tested. God told this women to tell Sister Turnage the good news and that this boy would do a great work carrying Gods message one day. Shortly thereafter Teretha found out she was with child.

A few months into the pregnancy she got sick. Malik's mother had cancer in her stomach while pregnant with him and she almost died. The doctors told her to abort him but because she was a very religious christian women she couldn’t do it. That decision almost cost her her life, but Malik the miracle boy lived, while his mom had to fight for her life during a tough 3 year timespan. By grace she made it.

Malik grew up in a wonderful home, 3 older sisters in the house with a mom and dad that loved him very much. Very smart and excelling at everything he did from sports to education, Malik thrived. Pastoral lineage on both sides of his family he was religiously, spiritually and politically drenched in knowledge. Where there is happiness sometimes sorrow isn’t far behind and Malik's father Claude Turnage was diagnosed with throat cancer and slowly withered away over a 2 year process until he died. The timing couldn't have been worse for a 12 year old African American male in the heart of Jamaica, Queens at the prelude of a crack epidemic-hip hop bursting on the scenes.

The streets attracted this young man and sucked him dry until it almost killed him. Street hustling, he became a juvenile delinquent. Being arrested multiple times in and out of the courts, he spent time in juvenile institutions. In and out of group homes, fighting and violence became a way of life. Being in so much pain inwardly he started getting high more frequently to null the sense of delusion and the obvious disappointment he was becoming. Malik's friends also began to succumb to the inevitable price of street life. Some were killed and others were sent to jail for long periods of time. He himself survived some near death life experiences that come with being in the wrong places at the wrong time. The lifestyle began to take a toll on him mentally, physically and spiritually. Now with a son and daughter of his own the idea of leaving his children on this planet without a father was not an idea he was content with. He knew it was time to change but how? His girlfriend was now pregnant with little Malik. The handwriting was on the wall and Malik knew he had to get help to face all the demons from his past. His wife is now, having their 4th child a girl. Two boys and two girls, thats a perfect family. The time was now and he allowed all the help at his disposal to help him. That was the beginning.

He then took all his street knowledge/skills to work into building his new life. Malik got married and started working for his father in law. Being a natural businessman he started working for himself in the school bus business. It was slow, it was tough, but he grew and grew often. Expanding his business from Queens to Long Island from there he expanded to Manhattan. He then opened several daycare centers, an afterschool program and a summer camp. Now he’s embarked on the calling that has always been on his life and that is what the lady told Sister Turnage, that he would carry Gods message.

This show is Malik’s contribution to humanity. Malik is now a spiritual mentor to dozens of people whom rely on his insightful counsel. Telling stories of hope is how he wants to change the world. Everyone has a story and that story correctly shared is each individuals contribution to the world. Like artist paint, rappers rhyme and storytellers write books. Malik’s artistic way of creative genius is his ability to allow people to reach their truths through telling stories of transformation. Now the world has Conversations With Malik.