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Interview with Jecorey Harris

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November 28, 2018
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December 3, 2018

There’s not many built like him, very few can walk in his shoes, he’s a special breed, from the legendary area of Shreveport Louisiana I give you Jecorey Harris.

Jecorey Harris, CEO of Blu Investment International LLC. Blu Investment has been created to give and offer opportunity for those who has been dreaming about it and never thought that their reality was possible. Blu Investment International has many facets with one being a publishing company for a Cause. Blu Investments is a new company however the vision is not. Jecorey has a Vision and Passion to give back and that will be able to do this thru this company. Jecorey has cultivated a culture within his industry that has been studied, taught, and implemented by entrepreneurs around the world and he will share it thru this great company.

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