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Federal Inmates, Another Chance: Jermaine Sims

SupaNova Slom
March 28, 2019
From Belief To Faith – Part 2
April 8, 2019

So let’s talk about having hope in spite of a life sentence in the Feds. When many would decide to give up, not Jermaine. He keeps striving for greatness in spite of the odds. Author of “I’m not Bitter”, I give you Jermaine Sims!


  1. Latonya says:

    I know Jermaine sims from working around him personally. He is a very intelligent man. He teaches the GED class for the Spanish inmates. He is a very hard working individual, that was only making $.17 to $.29 cent an hour. I still work at the FCC Butner and see the injustice that the inmates experience. Please do not publish my name, because they love to punish staff. Thank you

  2. Mr. Sims sent me the link and asked me to listen in and voice my opinion. Great job, Malik! Thanks for being real and true to yourself, doing what you know is right in light of public opinion. You’ve got my vote. I give you and Mr. Sims Five-Stars. Keep it real! Wayne T. Dowdy https://straightfromthepen.com/about-your-host/

  3. I’m sending Mr. Sims the above comment through Corrlinks.com Thanks again for not forgetting those who are trapped inside the walls, bars, and fences, where I came from after serving thirty consecutive years in the Federal System.